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Sample Questions to ask in an Interview

A good interview is not an “interrogation.” It’s more like a friendly conversation that allows both you and the interviewer to get a better idea if you will work well together. Never go to an interview without preparing questions beforehand!


The following examples are designed as generic questions for the teacher – principal interview.  They should be tailored to fit your situation.  You may want to pick three or four to ask, and you may find that one question leads to other questions during the interview.


  • What are the teacher hours?

  • What are the student hours?

  • What is your teacher turn-over rate?

  • Are there before and/or after school programs?

  • What is the average class size?

  • What kind of mentors, help, or support is available for new teachers?

  • What is your policy regarding lesson planning-would I need to keep records in my room or turn them into you?

  • What is the number of hours expected in school activities outside of class time?

  • What special services are available for students? (Counselors, psychologists, health services)

  • Do you have a school-wide discipline plan? What is it?

  • What consequences are there for disciplinary infractions?

  • What tools/aides are available…? (Library, TV/VCR, textbooks for each student, music, computers, etc.)

  • How are supplies ordered and received?

  • What are some of the strengths of the school?

  • How are teachers supported and appreciated by the administration of this school?

  • What is the student population like?

  • What is the ethnic / socio-economic make-up of the students? (Are there any immigrants? If needed do you have access to bilingual resources?)

  • What are the main challenges facing the school?

  • In what ways does the school link with the local community?

  • Are extracurricular assignments available?

  • Does your school/district offer faculty in-service training during the school year?

  • What curriculum is used in Reading / Math / Language?

  • Do you have an active parent-teacher association?

  • How are parents included in this school?

  • Do you have Title I at this school?  What percentages of the students qualify?

  • What duties do the teachers have? (Before and after school, bus, recess, etc.)

  • Do you do any lateral planning as well as team planning?

  • Can you give me some background as to what my team members are like? (Are all the Kindergarten teachers new? If so, why? How long have they been teaching? The answers to these questions will give you an idea as to what kind of support you will have.)

  • What makes this school stand out from others in the area?